Technical Assessment

Technical Assessment is an umbrella term that refers to the process of measuring an individual's technical skills and abilities. A technical assessment aims to identify an individual's strengths and weaknesses to make better hiring decisions.

While technical assessment services are commonly used in the tech industry, they are also being adopted by other industries to measure an individual's ability to perform specific tasks. For example, many healthcare organisations now use these services to assess an applicant's clinical skills.

What exactly is Technical Assessment

This service determines the candidate's ability to handle a variety of tasks or solve complex problems. This form of assessment can be applied in various ways - written, online or an open discussion. The specific duties or questions assessed here depend on the role we are working on. For example, a technical assessment for a software engineer position might determine a given candidate's ability to quickly navigate data structures, algorithms and write clean and efficient code.


Why is Technical Assessment Important

Technical assessments are essential because they provide organisations with a way to measure an individual's technical skills and abilities. Technical Assessment can also assess an individual's potential to learn new skills or solve new problems. By administering such assessments, organisations can identify individuals with the necessary skills and abilities to perform the job they are applying for.

Why Allatra is your best associate in Technical Assessment

Organisations don't just need technical talent. They need the right technical talent. Conducting a technical assessment during the hiring process can help ensure that a candidate has the necessary skills and knowledge for a role. Technical assessment services can also be used to evaluate an employee's performance and identify areas for development. 

Our technical assessments are conducted by experienced professionals who deeply understand technical issues and are familiar with the latest industry standards. We use various assessment tools and techniques, including interviews, observations, document reviews, and focus groups. We can tailor our technical assessment services to meet your specific needs and objectives.