A recruitment service can help you find the best candidates for your open positions. By working with our human resources recruitment agency, you can access a larger pool of potential candidates and receive expert guidance on the hiring process. When you partner with us, you can focus on running your business while leaving the task of finding top talent to the experts.

What we do?

Allatra provides a full-cycle recruitment service. You can trust our expert opinion and skills, and it is up to you to what extent you involve us in the process.

Determine the need for a new employee
Often companies try to work with what they have in terms of teams, people and experts. Sometimes this leads to unnecessary tension and stress build-up in employees. When we analyze the situation, we consult our partners and make recommendations regarding suitable new jobs and raising the productivity of the teams.
Establish the necessary skills and experience
Here we include the expectations of the companies we work with and potential candidates. It is critical to correctly read the given position and the needs of the company so that unnecessary time is not wasted searching in the wrong direction.
Identify passive candidates
Of course, there is such a group of candidates who are not actively looking for a position but are in communication with us. Because we work in many fields, we know what is important to them. If a job opportunity suits them, we can react and send a potential candidate quite quickly.
Consider active candidates
The idea of ​​Allatra is to provide candidates that match your demand, conditions, and expectations. In this way, we save a lot of time and effort for all parties and guarantee a high quality of services.

Essential steps in the recruitment process

The hiring process is essential to any business that wants to be successful. Without the ability to bring in new, talented employees, a company will quickly become stagnant and fall behind its competitors. While the specific recruiter strategies may vary from business to business, a few essential recruitment steps should be followed by all companies. 

Identifying hiring needs
First, it is essential to identify the hiring need. Is the company looking to fill a specific role that has become vacant or is the company expanding and looking to add new positions? Once the need has been identified, a recruitment plan can be devised. This plan should consider the specific skills and experience that the company is looking for, as well as the company's budget.
Writing a job description
Once the recruitment plan has been created, it is time to write a job description. The job description should be clear and concise, outlining the essential duties and responsibilities of the role. It should also list the ideal candidate's required qualifications and desired attributes.
Advertising the position
Once the job description is complete, it is time to advertise the position. It can be done through job boards, print ads, or word-of-mouth. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, so it's essential to choose the one that best reaches the target audience.
Narrowing the pool of candidates
Once applications start rolling in, it is time to review them and narrow down the pool of candidates. In recruitment, this is usually done through a combination of phone interviews and in-person interviews. During these interviews, it is crucial to assess whether the candidate has the necessary skills and experience and whether they would fit the company culture well.
After conducting interviews and assessing candidates, it is time to decide. Before extending an offer of employment, it is vital to conduct a background check and reference check. These checks will help the recruiter ensure that the candidate has no wrongdoings or bad practices that could reflect the company.
Job offers
Once all of these steps have been completed, it is time for the recruiter to extend a job offer to the successful candidate. The job offer should be in writing and clearly state employment terms and conditions. It is also essential to ensure that the job offer is within the budget set for the role.
The process of onboarding
The final step in the process is onboarding, which refers to helping new employees adjust to their new roles within the company. The method may involve training them on company policies or procedures or helping them get settled into their new workspace.

Following these essential recruitment steps will help ensure that your business brings on only high-quality employees who fit your company culture well.

Why Allatra is your best associate in recruitment

When you partner with a recruitment agency like Allatra, you can focus on running your business while leaving the task of finding top talent to the experts. 

We have a team of experienced recruiters who are professionals in sourcing, screening and conducting interviews for a wide range of positions. We also have an extensive network of potential candidates, which means we can quickly identify qualified candidates for your open positions.