The process of headhunting is a specialised form of recruiting used to identify and hire highly-qualified candidates for executive-level positions. Headhunting service, also known as executive headhunting, is often used by businesses to find the best talent.

Executive roles are often crucial and sensitive, so they shouldn't be posted on a job site or recruitment page. The best way to fill these roles is to headhunt the strongest candidates from other companies. It requires a headhunting recruitment specialist who knows how to identify and persuade top industry players to switch companies.

Why should I consider headhunting?

In the current situation of the labor market, the best personnel receive numerous job offers daily. Thus if the organization wants to be successful in finding the most suitable employees, it must take steps in this direction.

We do not charge job seekers
As a consulting company, we strive to help everyone who contacts us to find their dream job quickly and seamlessly. We work with partners from a wide variety of fields, making it possible to find suitable and interesting positions.
Candidates get higher salary
Part of our work is related to consulting on matters related to remuneration. In the process, we include both candidates and partner companies. It is crucial to have a mediator who, on the one hand, ensures that the offered is reasonable in terms of budget and market levels and on the other hand, that the candidate has received what is adequate for his experience and skills.
Headhunters are the experts in recruitment
They communicate with a wide variety of people who are passively or actively looking for a new job. Headhunters can advise on trends in expected compensation, potential channels to reach the specific profile of people, what the company is good at providing in terms of the nature of work, etc.

What do headhunters do

Headhunters are always looking for talented individuals who can take a company to the next level. Headhunters must make the experience as enticing as possible at every step to win over these top-end team players. This means making each role almost impossible to turn down.

Headhunters must also be excellent communicators and have high levels of persuasion. They must convince talented individuals that a particular company is the best place for them to further their careers. Headhunters can attract the best talent out there by offering an unbeatable experience.

Headhunting recruitment process

Headhunting can be an effective way for companies to find qualified candidates. Still, ensuring that you work with a headhunter who understands your specifics company's needs is crucial to be successful in the recruitment process. Headhunting can be costly, so you want to ensure you are getting what you pay for. 

Headhunters typically use various methods to find candidates, including online job boards, cold-calling, and networking. Headhunters often search LinkedIn and other social media platforms to identify potential candidates. Once a headhunter has found a potential candidate, they will reach out to the candidate to gauge their interest in the role. If the headhunter can successfully recruit the candidate, they will work with the company to finalise the job offer details.

Difference between headhunting and a recruitment

There is a big difference between headhunting and recruitment. Recruitment is the process of finding and hiring candidates for open positions, while headhunting is the process of targeting and recruiting specific individuals for specific roles. 

Companies usually hire headhunters to fill high-level or hard-to-fill positions. They typically have a deep understanding of the company's culture and values and use that knowledge to identify potential candidates who would be a good fit for the organisation. Headhunters typically have strong networks of industry contacts and use those relationships to find candidates who might not otherwise be aware of the open position. 

In contrast, recruiters typically rely on job boards and other public sources to find candidates for open positions. While headhunting can be more expensive and time-consuming than recruitment, it can be very effective in filling hard-to-fill positions.

Why choose Allatra headhunting services

When it comes to headhunting, Allatra headhunting specialists have a super-keen eye, sifting through resumes to determine who might and might not work for the role in question. They know precisely what their client's companies are looking for and whether or not a candidate has the experience and skills to be the right fit. 

By working with our recruitment agency, your organisation can get help with the headhunting process, tap into a wider talent pool and significantly reduce the time and cost associated with traditional recruitment methods.