What distinguishes Allatra is our approach, specific skillset, perpetual expertise, and the ability to observe and analyze people and companies in perspective.

Our special assessment tools bring additional value to our core mission – unstoppable growth for individuals and organizations.

It helps us find the perfect company–employee match that leads to hiring the right people. People who will help build your company up while also having career progression and growth that satisfies them.

We place highly skilled professionals across a range of industries for a variety of positions.
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The recruitment process is a crucial function of human resources, and it is critical to the success of any organization. The goal of recruitment is to find the best candidates for open positions and to do so in a timely and efficient manner.

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Headhunting is an effective way to find high-quality candidates for specialist roles within an organization. Since the headhunting service typically seeks employees for senior or specialist roles within an organization who may not be actively looking for a new position, the process is more complex, and potential candidates must be approached carefully. By working with our recruitment agency, your organization can get help with the headhunting process, tap into a wider talent pool and significantly reduce the time and cost associated with traditional recruitment methods.

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Quality professional psychodiagnostic

Professional psychodiagnostic is a process of measuring an individual's psychological makeup. It is commonly used in employment contexts, such as pre-employment screening, to help identify individuals who may be more likely to succeed in a particular job or work environment.

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Technical Assessment

Organizations don't just need technical talent. They need the right technical talent. Conducting a technical assessment during the hiring process can help ensure that a candidate has the necessary skills and knowledge for a role. Technical assessment services can also be used to evaluate an employee's performance and identify areas for development. By taking a systematic and objective approach to assessing technical ability, organizations can make better-informed decisions about talent management.

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Salary Survey

Salary surveys help businesses ensure they are offering salaries that align with other companies for similar positions. This information can then be used to adjust salaries if needed so that the company remains competitive when recruiting and retaining employees.

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Internship Program

Internship programs can provide valuable work experience for students and recent graduates. If you are considering setting up an internship program at your company, our experts can help you clearly understand the program's goals and develop a plan for how to achieve those goals. They can also help create accurate internship job descriptions, eligibility requirements, application and interview process, and budget. Our experts can use assessment tools to match interns with mentors based on their psychological assessment. Tools can also help assess the interns' performance at the end of the internship program.

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Team engineering

Team engineering is the process of designing and building a simple or complex product or system as a team. It involves bringing together individuals with different skills and expertise to work together towards a common goal. 

The benefits of team engineering include improved communication, increased creativity, and better problem-solving skills. In order to succeed, team engineering requires team members to be able to work together effectively and efficiently, to have good communication skills, to be able to compromise, and be willing to put the team's success ahead of their own.