The methodology by which Allatra works relies on several basic methods for better understanding personnel and selection of adequate staff. First, we apply the BG5™ Consulting model, which offers an opportunity to analyse and understand the career path and solid business solutions that improve life on a material level. To verify the integrity and sincerity of each new employee candidate, we rely on the Polygraph Examination (lie detector) and the EyeDetect+ test. These are the fastest and most scientific methods of establishing the truth. We also apply an assessment method known as Talent Management Solutions, which includes implementing tools for executive recruitment and selection, talent development, delegating duties and fostering leadership skills. Last but not least, we use the research method Talent Insight, which analyses the behaviour of people in a work environment and the goals and motives that drive them forward.

BG5™ Small Business Analysis & Engineering (Base Group 5) is a new consulting model focused on the business side applications of the Human Design system, it does so by applying innovative tools that help individuals find their own unique gifts as well as their optimum position in the corporate world.

BG5™ Consulting

The BG5™ model can transform the company's business teams to function more efficiently and effectively whilst improving their financial success.

BG5™ Consulting model offers a unique methodology for career path analysis and understanding paired with solid business solutions that improve life on the material level.

The potential applications of the BG5™ model are:


  • To discover individuals' unique skills, traits and attributes and how they can lead to success.

  • To identify for each person individually the ideal work team size (large or small) leading towards peak business results.

  • To identify and report on performance gaps and weaknesses in small teams that negatively impact productivity.

  • To explore and explain group interaction dynamics and mechanics resulting in enhanced management communication skills.

  • To engineer the best teams to achieve their full potential.

BG5™ Small Business Analysis and Engineering


The objective of the BG5™ study for small businesses is to provide entrepreneurs with an accurate and detailed analysis of the working group's characteristics, dynamics, potential and problems.

Most work teams have deficiencies that create tension which jeopardises the success of the small business leading to a considerable waste of time and valuable resources.

The BG5™ Small Business Study highlights such gaps and assists with practical solutions essential for improving team functioning.

BG5™ Business Analysis contributes to an organisation's growth and healthy development by identifying and investing in the precise human resources that best support the organisation's vision.

Alpha One Leadership Analysis™

Alpha One Profile provides an understanding of the leadership qualities, strengths and weaknesses of leaders and managers.

Beta Two Partnership Analysis™

Beta Two explores the professional relationship and shows how two specific individuals can cooperate most efficiently, be it two business associates, manager-subordinate or any other combination.

BG5™ Career Profile Analysis

The individual analysis shows how a person can best operate in the business world to attain desired material success.

Provides unique information on the best-suited type of lifework, the optimal interaction with others, the correct decision-making strategy, how the data gets assimilated and how different environments impact the work performance. BG5™ Career analysis uses vital indicators that reveal whether the person is on or off track.

Eye Detect +

EyeDetect+ is a new generation lie detection technology created by Converus in 2014.

This is the latest lie detection technology that is successfully used by private sector companies and government institutions in 43 different countries.

The main benefit for companies is the ability to use technology in the recruitment phase. Through a test, the company can get answers to questions related to the following topics:

  • Disloyal behavior towards a previous employer
  • Prior arrangement to give out confidential information
  • Contacts with a criminals
  • Dependencies, etc.


The procedure lasts 15-30 minutes. The result is obtained in less than 5 minutes after completing the test. Accuracy is 89-91%. The test is fully automated and follows a previously established and agreed protocol.

This testing is highly suitable for candidates in key positions and for companies that manage financial assets and confidential information and where the company secret is a strategic asset that needs to be protected.

Polygraphic method

The polygraph test (the lie detector) is the fastest and easiest scientific method to establish the truth.

The primary function of the method is to reduce the risk of disloyal behavior and abuses, which can lead to significant material and financial losses for the employer. The practical utility of the polygraph in employee selection extends from verifying the truth of the information they provide in their CVs to discovering contraindications for occupying a particular position.

What is a polygraph test?

The polygraph examination is a voluntary procedure carried out after the examined person signs a voluntary consent declaration.

During the pre-test interview, the subjects familiarize themselves with the method the research conducts, their biographical data is taken, as well as data on their current state of health. Based on their educational and intellectual level, the information on the presence or absence of a lie establishes. All questions are discussed with the examinee before being asked during the test.

Depending on the purpose (selection screening, case study, etc.), the duration of a polygraph examination can be from 40 minutes to an hour and a half.

Talent Management Solutions

Talent Management Solutions/Methodology

Our talent management solutions provide organizations with a clear understanding of their talent and the talent they need, and how to close the gaps. It enables them to have the right people in the right place at the right time to execute their business strategy successfully.

Our assessment solutions include executive recruitment and selection tools, talent development, succession planning and leadership development.

Quality Profesional Psychodiagnostic
Properly chosen psychodiagnostic can help better map the personality, abilities, motives and potential of the candidate or employee. In many cases, this knowledge can significantly speed up and refine the recruitment process.
Behavioural assessments help us understand many different aspects of a person’s character. They include understanding a person’s thinking style, willingness to learn and leadership capabilities.
People hold different work values and seek certain challenges in their workplace to feel satisfied and fulfilled. For some, that might be money, fame, power, social interaction or creative expression. For others, it could be an intellectual challenge, helping others, or independence. By understanding your career motivation, you can plan a more fulfilling and productive career and create an environment where you can thrive.
Emotional Intelligence
Is your potential candidate self-aware and socially aware? Can they handle themselves in high-pressure situations? Do they have a growth mindset and the ability to take constructive criticism?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand one’s emotions and manage them effectively. Research suggests that people with higher emotional intelligence are more robust and effective leaders. Higher emotional intelligence helps us build better and stronger relationships and increase our cooperation efficiency.

IQ test assesses analytical thinking, information processing skills, learning potential, and the individual’s ability to solve new or unknown tasks.
Intelligence quotient/IQ
Intelligence is the ability to extract and perceive information, which is subsequently transformed into knowledge. This knowledge can be applied and adapted to the ever-changing environment and context.
The average person has an IQ between 85 and 115. About 2% of people are at either end of the intellectual spectrum, having an IQ above 130 or below 70.
The IQ test looks for the exact manifestation of intelligence for the specific position. For this purpose, we use different psychological tests depending on the type of intelligence that needs to be measured:

● Verbal intelligence
● Arithmetic intelligence
● Spatial intelligence
● Abstract-logical thinking
● Technical thinking
Personal Values
Is your organisation's employee beliefs essential to align with the businesses?

Assessments open up the door to increased understanding and more comprehensive selection criteria in recruitment. Determining these requirements and what exactly you want to measure in your job candidates will serve dual purposes; you will understand the demands of the position and your priorities as a team better, as well.

Talent Insights

Success Insights Wheel

Talent Insights examines people’s behavior in a work environment and the goals and motivations that drive them.


In addition, this report blends behaviors and motivators in an integrated section that will help coordinate the “how” and the “why” of an individual’s actions. These reports consist of two sciences: Behaviors and Motivators.

Measured in four proportions (DISC: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance), Behaviors reveal how an individual will perform, including what value they will bring to a team, their ideal environment and possible limitations they may face.

This report assessments measuring Behaviors/DISC examine an individual’s dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance, revealing how one responds to the following:

Problems and Challenges;
Influencing Others;
The pace of the Environment;
Rules and Procedures.

Motivators are the windows through which an individual views the world, thereby driving their Behaviors. Motivators reveal why an individual acts a certain way – what motivates one to perform a job.

Measured in six key areas:

Theoretical — the discovery of truth

Utilitarian — money and what is useful; ROI

Aesthetic — form and harmony

Social — inherent caring for people; helping others

Individualistic — personal power, influence and renown

Traditional — a system for living

What Are The Benefits?

Thanks to our methodology, candidates go through an in-depth assessment that allows you to have a clearer idea of and to what extent they are suitable for the organization and the role envisaged for them. 

Psychometric tests assess a range of competencies, such as intelligence, cognitive abilities, personal qualities and motivation. They help different organizations find the best compliance between a professional and a work environment.

Better team culture
Our goal is to attract people who complement each other professionally and personally and quickly and accurately start looking in the same direction. Thus it helps to ally and align with the values ​​of the organization and the team.
Less stress
Having found the right place, a person has the opportunity to develop his work potential much more easily and quickly. Low-stress levels are among the principal factors for this to happen successfully.
Reduced stealing
Thanks to the accurate results that our methodology provides, the people reaching our partners are verified, and the risks of counterproductive behavior in the work environment are relatively low.
Improved productivity
Detailed feedback on each candidate enables management to focus on the proper development direction and type of work for each employee. Thus immensely raises the productivity of the employee, the team, and the organization.
Lower personnel turnover
When an organization has the right set of people, it allows for the creation of teams and the correct organizational structure. There is reduced turnover as each employee realizes that they are in the right place, in the best possible environment.
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Freqently Asked Questions

What is the main use for EyeDetect+?
EyeDetect+ is used to screen job candidates and to conduct periodic testing of current employees. It can also be used for diagnostic, single-issue testing. Tests measure a person’s involvement in theft, fraud, stealing confidential information, money laundering, bribes, drug use, identity theft, violent crimes, ties to gangs or organized crime, receipt of inappropriate benefits at work, and many other topics.
Who does the examination?
The examination is conducted out by trained and qualified psychologists who are administrators of Eye Detect+. The tests are carried out in strict compliance with all professional and ethical standards and norms.
Who has access to my personal data and receives the test results?
The personal data of the examined persons are administered according to the GDPR regulation and the applicable legislation. The test results shall be treated as confidential information and shall be submitted only to the applicant organization.
How long do EyeDetect+ test take?
The EyeDetect+ test takes 20 minutes for single issues tests and 45 minutes for multi-issue screening tests.
Who is ideal EyeDetect+ customer?
Any organization that chooses to use polygraph or is required by law to screen job candidates, test current employees, or to conduct investigations. EyeDetect+ provides a way to conduct the same testing with an automated, faster process and a less intrusive test. Agencies around the world also use Eye Detect + when conducting investigations or testing current employees.