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What distinguishes us is our approach, specific skillset, perpetual expertise, and mostly – the ability to observe and analyze people and companies in perspective.

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Our special assessment tools bring additional value to our core mission – unstoppable growth for both individuals and organizations.
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We are your faithful partner in finding qualified and talented personnel.


The recruitment process is a delicate and essential part of creating a good work team. With our help, you will find the most reliable candidates for the open positions in your company.


Through the headhunting process, highly qualified candidates for executive-level positions are discovered and hired. It is no ordinary recruitment but masterful talent acquisition.

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We offer services that will take your business to the next level.


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Unique and Proved Methods

The methodology by which Allatra works is based on several basic methods for better understanding of personnel and selection of adequate personnel.


Our experience with Allatra continues to be excellent throughout the year and they've been key to fulfilling all of our recruitment needs. The team is highly experienced and efficient when scouting for new people and the assessment process that is custom developed by Allatra has allowed us to build a great team with qualities that complement each other. A highly recommended service provider!
Marko Simeonov
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What We use
Human Design System
The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.
Employment Polygraph
The primary function of the method is to reduce the risk of disloyal behaviour and abuse by employees, which can lead to significant material and financial losses for the employer.
Success Insights Wheel
A method was developed to give a visual representation of employees' natural and adapted behaviour patterns. The Success Insights Wheel allows you to analyze and predict various behavioural traits.
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